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DEPAN: Urban Data Logging and Management Services using the integrated SmartOTA digital platform Smart cities for DEPAN members The SmartOTA digital platform is an integrated system for the recording and management of Geographical Data, based on modern technologies, for DEPAN members, in order to meet the following [...]

Holy Archdiocese of Athens

Operations Dashboard Applications

Operations Dashboard Applications Monitor and evaluate your Business's Daily Activity Operations Dashboard is a "dashboard" (think an airplane or your car’s dashboard) where all data and information (important factors, numbers and parameters all put together) of your business are presented in the simplest possible way to facilitate the [...]

Spatial Decision Support Systems

Spatial Decision Support Systems: integrate spatial analytics with business intelligence and maximize your business’s efficiency Do you know that 80% of your Business Intelligence has a geographic component that remains virtually unexploited with traditional business data analysis systems? Take advantage of the geographic data of your business Strategic [...]


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Mobile Resource Management Suite

Mobile Resource Management Suite Mobile Resource Management (MRM) belongs to the category of business solutions that are designed to maximize the productivity of a fleet of vehicles. G4S Telematix, in collaboration with OnLine Data and Terra Mapping the Globe, has created MRM SUITE the first Integrated [...]


ePoleodomia The project "ELECTRONIC URBAN PLANNING: GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS FOR THE PREFECTURES OF THE COUNTRY", amounting to EUR 11,2 million, launched by the Information Society that was assigned to the association "SingularLogic Integrator SA". - Intrasoft International SA" is one of the most important and largest IT [...]

Smart OTA

Integrated Urban Geographic Data Recording & Management System The term "smart city" is used to describe a city that uses up-to-date technologies to improve the daily lives of its citizens, and to enhance their participation in decision-making process on issues that concern them. The goal of all modern [...]

Technological Advantage

Software Development technological advantage Recognizing and continuously monitoring the rapid change of Information and Communication Technology best practices in application development, Terra uses innovative technology to improve the efficiency of its internal operations but much more its services to its external customers. Terra can help [...]

Company News

Company News

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