Mobile Resource Management Suite

Mobile Resource Management (MRM) belongs to the category of business solutions that are designed to maximize the productivity of a fleet of vehicles.

G4S Telematix, in collaboration with OnLine Data and Terra Mapping the Globe, has created MRM SUITE the first Integrated Telematics System covering the full range of Vehicle Fleet Management.

The Purpose of the System is:

It consists of three areas:

  • Real Time Monitoring, vehicle and freight status, driving behavior, service time and plethora of real-time telemetry information
  • Route Planning for faster and more cost-effective service on delivery points
  • ERP for optimal resource, availability and cost management

Real Time Monitoring – Automatic Vehicle Location (ΑVL)

The company supervises remote and real-time fleet activity and creates a “driving culture” among its people

What AVL ensures

  • High-resolution Geographic maps and fleet of vehicles visualization on a variety of different maps
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Reproduction and mapping of executed routes
  • Route rescheduling, taking account of delay data or other alterations
  • Possibility to create geographic control areas as well as import of points of interest (customers, warehouses, etc.) for immediate information and control of work
  • Ability to enable alerts for immediate user information about possible changes during the trip (entry or exit restrictions from geo-fences, over speeding, cabin temperature change, fuel consumption control, etc.)
  • Ability to generate reports, depending on the user needs to draw safe conclusions

Optimal Routing Planning – Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP)

The routing system automatically calculates the optimal route taking into account the service times and the company’s available resources in order to minimize the routing cost

What does VRP ensure?

  • Designing an optimal route, taking into account service time windows, available resources and the volume of cargo carried so that the best cost performance can be achieved
  • Estimated time of arrival and departure calculation to and from a service point

Corporate fleet of Vehicles ERP System – (ERP) Mοdule

ERP monitors, record and control key vehicle fleet operations, regarding vehicle and human resources to rationalize, manage and control fleet operational costs

What does the ERP ensure?

  • Creation of suppliers’ files, driver and vehicle logs to check availability, financial data and action planning
  • Record of maintenance, damage, estimated time of subsequent maintenance, accidents
  • Time and mileage warnings
  • Event and Accident logging
  • Export cost reposting per route functionality

Their major advantages of the system are:

  • Integration to other systems
  • Automatic real-time alerts and
  • 24-hour connection with the control center for immediate action