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METRO Cash & Carry


Athens University of Economics

Athens University of Economics & Business “Promotion and Activation the Role of Health Centers in Local Communities” Within the framework of the act " Activation and Promotion of the Role of Health Centers in Local Communities" of the Operational Program "Human Resource Development" to promote and upgrade [...]

ACS Courier

ACS Courrier Terra, Mapping the Globe designed and implemented a pioneering system for the organization of Courier Services using Geographic Information Systems technology to upgrade ACS Courier services incorporating into it the company philosophy, experience and expertise. The system provides solutions to the following issues: Cartographic data display (stores, [...]


Attikes Diadromes

Municipality of Thessaloniki

Municipality of Thessaloniki


VIVARTIA HOLDINGS S.A. A Mean Store Radius (MSR) or a Store Service Area is defined as the designated geographic region where the store customers are located. The radiuses of a network of stores determine to a significant extent the business operation. Correctly defined service areas improve customer [...]

Wind Hellas Telecommunications

Wind Hellas Telecommunications Terra has been working with Wind Hellas since 2010 and has implemented a number of projects mainly for the Technical Department of the company. The collaboration with Wind Hellas started in 2010 with the assignment of the Coverage Information Tool for the Customer Service [...]

INTRAKAT Rural Broadband

INTRAKAT Rural Broadband In the framework of the implementation of the project "Development of Broadband Infrastructures in Rural (White) Areas of the Greek Territory and Services for the Exploitation-Development of the Infrastructure via PPP" of the Information Society (ΚΤΠ ΑΕ), in February 2015 INTRAKAT entrusted Terra the [...]

Greek Yellow Pages

“Χρυσός Οδηγός” the Golden Pages Business Directory Since 2004 our company continuously supports “Χρυσός Οδηγός” the Golden Pages Business Directory in the field of Geographic Information Systems providing geo-processing services implemented via Terra GIS-API on the company's website (www.xo.gr/maps). More specifically, the web-page visitor is able [...]

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