Subcontracting Agreement: Electronic Governance (ΗΔ) Applications and Church Property Management (ΔΕΑΠ) – 2016
Electronic Urban Planning: Geographic Information Systems for the Prefectural Authorities of the country – 2015
Application Development Services for the Project: ELECTRONIC URBAN PLANNING (eΠολεοδομία)- 2015
Implementation of eGovernment in Main Areas of Church Administration – 2015
GIS Software and Geoinformatics Services, Data Migration Coding, Topographic Work, GIS System Annual Support & Maintenance – 2015
Development of Spatial Urban Planning Database – 2014
Radio Management System Application Upgrade- 2014-2017
Unification of the bases of the technical department (Radio, Transmission, Katsakousastasi) and development of data management and reporting applications from the network planning systems – 2013
Ticket System Support Services – 2013 – 2017
WebGIS application for WIND Hellas mobile network alarms management system – 2012
Supply of special computer programs of the General Secretariat of Communications of the Ministry of Transport and Communications – 2010
Supply of a country-wide geographic database – 2004
Production of Digital Cartographic Maps for the National Statistical Service of Greece – 2000
Cadastral study for the creation of the National Cadastre – 1996 – 1999
Development of expertise for the project: Development of broadband infrastructures in rural white areas of Greece and infrastructure exploitation – utilization – 2013
Development of a techno-economic study aiming at the redesign of the submitted Large Project File in the EU and the updating of the Call for Proposals for the Project: “Development of broadband infrastructures in rural white areas of the Greek territory and exploitation services (Rural Broadband) 2013
Provision of advisory services within the framework of the project “Development of Broadband Infrastructures in Rural “White” Areas of Greek Territory and Infrastructure Exploitation Services” – 2012
Collection and analysis of data to support the process of maturation and design of the project “Development of Broadband Access Infrastructure in Rural and Insular Areas” – 2010
Technical support for the establishment of the General Planning and Sustainable Development Framework Plan and the Regional MFAAA for the regions of Thessaly, Western Greece, the Peloponnese and Crete – 2002
Study & production of airport barriers maps- 2002
Development of a digitization study of cartographic backgrounds of 1: 50,000 scale of Hellenic Military Geographic Service area II – 1998
Preparation of a topographical study “Taking Altitude and Horizontal Elements at the Historic Center of Corfu” – 1997
Web services creation for address finding and for mobile telephony services existance for SIMPLEfi product – 2016
Creation of a Geographical Data (GIS) Platform and a System for Electronic Appointments for Health Centers – 2014
Creation of CreteLife mobile application. Information and categorization of the road network and points of interest of the Prefecture of Heraklion – 2013
Public property database creation services. WebGIS Application development – 2012
Mobile Application Development – 2012
GIS GeoReporting Tool Development – 2012
Visualization of the Network Implementation database in WebGIS application – 2012
Development of GIS GeoReporting Tool – 2012
Recording, Updating and Visualization of Fiber Optic Network Infrastructure in WebGIS Application – 2011
WebGIS application development for the Transmission Network – 2011
Development and hosting of a web based geographic information system for telecommunication infrastructures – 2011
WebGIS Mobile Network Coverage Search Application – 2010
WebGIS Development Services for Telecommunications Infrastructure – 2009
Development of GIS System in the Department of Topography & Special Applications in the Technical Services Dept. of the Municipality of Thessaloniki – 2009
Development of Geographical Information System of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis – 2009
Creation of the Municipal Portal – 2009
Development and implementation of geographic information systems applications for Ionian municipalities – 2008
Development of a Geographical Information System (GIS) in the Topography Department of the Municipality of THESSALONIKI – 2007
Development of software for geographic information systems for cadastre applications – 2000 – 2008
Creation of the city of Mytilene Portal – 2008
Development of an Integrated Information System for the creation of a digital spatial database of mining and quarrying sites in Greece – 2007
Organization of “as build” drawings of Attiki Odos. Search application development for “as build” drawings – 2006
Design and Implementation of the Training Program of the OSE Real Estate Information System – 2002
Design and Implementation of a Geographical Information System – 2002
Training of the Geographical Information System in the olive sector (ΣΓΠ – Ε.Τ.) of the vineyard register in Attica, Korinthia, Argolida, Ilia. Digitization of slides in order to create an alphanumeric parcel identification system within ΟΣΔΕ 2000 (Region I, Epirus, Macedonia, Thrace) – 2001
Development of software as a subset of the study “Inventory and Operation of the Road Network and Private Transport” of Attiko Metro – 1997
Property Tax (ΤΑΠ) Control – Connection with Cadastre – 1994
ONLINE services provision for the enrichment of the content of the digital products of the company and improvement of their usability – 2008 – 2017
Provision of Routing Services in a Subscription format – 2015
Dynamic Routing Software Development. System MAP SERVER – 2015
Supply of Terra Geocoder software – GIS system upgrading & updating – 2013
Provision of Geoprocessing Services – 2012
Service Areas Production Services, Routing Services and Distribution Management Services – 2012 – 2017
Address Normalization & Geocoding (Terra Geocoder) and Geoprocessing (Terra Geoservices) Software provision – 2010
Supply of Dynamic Maps for the INFOTE SA website – 2004 – 2007
Geocoding of Attiki Odos Subscribers and application development and consulting – 2005
Fiber Optics Network data transformation and migration in electronic form based on submission specifications of the Digital Infrastructure Register – 2016
Reconstruction, modeling and mapping of geospatial and descriptive data according to the specifications of the INSPIRE Directive – 2013
Digital Data Migration of Topography Division based on the New Geographic Information System (GIS) – 2009
Chartographic maps update, photographic documentation and organization in the Geographical Information System of Attiki Odos all of street signs and development of web GIS Interface for the recovery and map display – 2005
Preparation of a pilot project for the performance of topographic graphs from digital archives of analytical photogrametric equipment – 1994
Distribution of 1:5,000, 1:2,000 and 1:1,000 diagrams of the Greek Geodetic Reference System 1987 (EGSA87) – 1993
Cartographic Map and Satellite Images provision for HERMES SERVICES – 2016
Point of Interest provision for the whole country – 2016
Provision of Geographical Data of Municipalities of Attica – 2016
Survey of archaeological site and the wider area through terrestrial scanning topographic methods and ebee Swinglet. Creation of orthophotomaps and digital terrain model for each method separately and extraction of conclusions regarding the accuracy provided by ebee Swinglet – 2014
Cartographic data for the Greek Road Network – 2013
Information and categorization of forest roads for the region of Sterea Ellada – 2013
GIS Data Licensing – 2011
Supply of hardware, software and digital data for digitization and processing of KOI linear network – 2011
Licensing of geographic data – 2009
Digital Cartographic Data for Navigation (Database) – 2008
Digital Chartographic Maps & GIS Data Supply for the Ionian Islands Region – 2008
Supply of Digital Maps and Digital Terrain Model for the project “Integrated Civil Protection System” – 2007
Supply of GIS database – 2007
Supply & Installation of Geographical Base of Road Network of the Prefecture of Athens for the needs of the Technical Services Division – 2006
Providing data for seismic risk assessments with old-seismological and geomorphological methods. Supply of electronic material related to the PPC of Harokopio University – 2006
Supply of Digital and Electronic Maps of Greece – 2004 – 2008
Supply of Digital Vector Background of scale 1:50,000 – 2004
Provision of digital geographic data – 1996 – 2004
Supply of digital data from SPOT XS satellite images. Supply of digital data from GHS maps of scale 1: 50,000 – 1995 – 1996
Hellenic Coastline Data Supply digitized from Hellenic Military Geographic Service Greece maps of scale 1:50,000 – 1993 -1995
Mapping of modern geological maps of scale 1:50.000 for the IGME geoinformation system – 2008
Determination of the peaks coordinates of the ERGOSE GSMR Cable crossing from RCC to Promahonas – 2006
Creation of Digital Maps for the cities of RIYADH, JEDDAH and DAMMAM of SAUDI ARABIA – 2006
Creation of digital orthophotographic maps – 2005
Aerial photography services and production of photogrammetric diagrams for the entire LANDFILL SITE I of the Municipality of Ano Liosia – 2003
Production of cartographic products and GIS for the needs of the program “Promotion of inter-regional cooperation for integrated management of wetlands (NetWet)” – 2000
Pilot project for the full utilization of the data of the Spatial Planning Observatory with the design and creation of the Database and the Diffusion – Information Exchange System with the Region – 1999
Creation of a digital base of geological deposits – 1996
Attica Forest Mapping Program – 1993
Creation of maps for the project “Integrated Tourism Promotion Program of the Region of Attica” – 2013
Atlas design of Greece in the form of books and school aids – 2001
Provision of geophysical and political maps of the Prefectures of Greece – 2000
Delivery of maps in the form of digital images in TIFF format – 1998