Consulting Services

Regardless of your organization’s size or the complexity of the geoinformatics project you are considered with, Terra, with 25 years presence in the field and over 260 completed projects in the private and public sectors, can be your precious ally in designing and implementing your needs.

Terra provides consulting services at every stage of the project by engineers with extensive experience and proven know-how:

  • project management
  • planning & implementation
  • maintenance & support

Each phase consists of distinct but interconnected tasks that align harmoniously with each other to produce the optimum result:

  • Project Management: At this stage, the objective of the project and the timetable for implementation are recorded, the project cost is calculated, the quality assurance and quality control is determined, the human resources are decided and the possible individual project risks that may delay the delivery of the project or have an impact on its quality are evaluated
  • Project planning and implementation: technical description of the project scope and geographic data (see Products & Services > Geographical Data) and GIS platform (GIS Managed Cloud Services) identification, design of detailed system workflows, System Integration, Geodatabase Design, Infrastructure and Software (Terra GIS API) and Application Development. Project implementation
  • Maintenance & Support: The continuous maintenance and support of the project are critical factors for ensuring its successful operation and its uninterrupted use. Maintenance and support services can include training and support programs and a help desk, software and hardware upgrades, system configuration, bug fixes, and studies and implementation of extensions to meet new needs ensuring long-term success and helping to move the intellectual and physical ownership of the system to the customer