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Consulting Services

Consulting Services Regardless of your organization’s size or the complexity of the geoinformatics project you are considered with, Terra, with 25 years presence in the field and over 260 completed projects in the private and public sectors, can be your precious ally in designing and implementing your needs. Terra provides [...]

Systems Integration

Systems Integration Businesses have been using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for decades to improve their efficiency and create new business opportunities. Investing in new IT systems is a necessary cost for every company to create added value in a competitive business environment. Since geo information is present in virtually [...]

Geoprocessing Services

Geoprocessing Services What is Geoprocessing Services? When you place your order in the restaurant, you make a simple request to the waiter, who takes it to the kitchen, and through a simple or complex process the meal is prepared. You are not interested in how to prepare the meal [...]

Software Development

Software Development Recognizing and continuously monitoring the rapid change of Information and Communication Technology best practices in application development, Terra uses innovative technology to improve the efficiency of its internal operations but much more its services to its external customers. Terra can help you develop or deploy for you [...]

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Supply Chain is the process of moving a product or service from the point of production to the delivery point. The purpose of the supply chain is to reduce the operational cost of transporting products and to increase customer satisfaction. Supply Chain Management or Logistics Logistics is [...]

City Blocks

Building Blocks, Building Contours & Administrative Boundaries In the year 2000, Terra completed the production of the Building Blocks geographical database for Greece which since then it constantly maintains and updates. The building blocks database is of high accuracy (scale of 1: 5,000) and covers 607 town and villages [...]

Points of Interest

Points of Interest Points of Interest provide valuable information in decision-making in areas such as risk analysis, access to services, location search, location-based marketing, and searches of the type "what is near me". Each organization can combine points of interest with its own bases to create maps, [...]

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