Software Development

technological advantage

Recognizing and continuously monitoring the rapid change of Information and Communication Technology best practices in application development, Terra uses innovative technology to improve the efficiency of its internal operations but much more its services to its external customers.

Terra can help you develop or deploy for you GIS applications as SaaS, in the Cloud, or within your IT infrastructure:

  • SaaS: access Terra geo-processing services and use them in your applications
  • Cloud: run your GIS applications in the cloud that Terra implements and maintains without investing in additional hardware and software
  • Your Company’s IT Infrastructure: integrate ArcGIS software and Terra services / applications into your IT infrastructure

As a GIS development platform, our company uses the ESRI family products. ESRI is the manufacturer of the world’s most widely distributed Geographic Information System (GIS) Software, ArcGIS. ArcGIS is designed to work on all devices, everywhere and anytime.

The applications are implemented in the Microsoft .NET Framework Visual Studio 2015 integrated development environment using ESRI’s programming tools and platforms, exploiting all the programmatic benefits of interoperability, portability, security, and application performance.

ESRI’s ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET is used to build Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications as well as native C # applications for iOS and Android mobile devices through built-in documented APIs or new APIs created by our developers.

ESRI REST API provides a simple, open Web interface to ArcGIS Server hosting services. The REST API enables the use of resources (including geographic data) and your company’s or Terra’s ArcGIS Server functionality in applications, which is provided with the implementation of web services. Terra GIS API, for example, has been implemented by building web services from ESRI’s REST API.

ESRI ArcGIS Web AppBuilder allows you to quickly create WebGIS applications for use on any device without creating code. The secret is the integration into the application of the so-called Widgets, i.e. GUI elements that add new functionality to WebGIS application like finding the geographic coordinates of an address and focusing the map on the position of the address.

The programming tools used by our company to develop WebGIS applications enable the use of a number of development technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

Our company has chosen Microsoft SQL Server 2015 as a database for storing and managing both geographic and descriptive data for its high data processing and security performance and its good compatibility with ESRI products.